Smart & secure cash management

Quick, automated acceptance of cash payments. Our equipment can dispense change, process deposits and also provide real-time reporting and monitoring of cash transactions and much more.

A common problem most businesses face

Manual cash management processes are extremely time-consuming & error-prone

This can result in significant financial losses due to human error, theft, fraud and time wasted.

Furthermore, as the volume of cash transactions increases, it becomes more challenging to manage and track cash flow accurately. This can lead to cash shortages or overages, which can negatively impact a business’s financial health.

Clyronex Solution

Introducing the CI-10 Compact Cash Management System

The Glory CASHINFINITY™ range is the most beneficial cash management system with remarkable flexibility and extensibility for retailers to fit a store of any size.

Prevents “fingers in the till” - There is no need for handling cash transactions.

Remote Monitoring – A notification is sent via SMS and/or e-mail as soon as the cassette containing the notes is accessed by the supervisor or manager and will send a detailed breakdown to the owner/ head office of the total balance contained to be banked accompanied by a printout to be kept at the store.

Reduce counterfeit acceptance by up to 100% - The CI-10 will also ensure any suspicious banknotes are automatically recognised and rejected by the device.

Reduce the risk of cash shrinkage by up to 80% - There is no traditional float and money cannot be accessed by your cashiers.

Eliminate errors in change provision - POS cash management machines are designed to accurately count and sort cash, reducing the risk of human error in cash handling processes. This can help to improve accuracy and reduce the risk of cash discrepancies.

There is no float to prepare - In the morning the Manager can open the tills immediately when opening the store.

No traditional cash up at the end of the day (or between shifts) - The Manager does a day end on the POS and CI-10 with all the money counted & balanced ready for banking.

No time is wasted on overs and shortages at the end of the day - The machine will always balance eliminating cashier error.

Faster payment transactions - This can greatly reduce waiting times in queues.

Faster and easier staff training - This can reduce on-boarding time by up to 60%.

No other device in South Africa can provide the option of self payment - This will completely remove handling of cash by staff and greatly enhance hygiene in a fast food environment.

Saves time of up to 30 minutes per manager per day - Minimise errors/discrepancies and reduce recounts.

Saves time of up to 25 minutes per cashier per day - No need for preparation and the counting of cashier floats.

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Our Clients

CASHINIFNITY™ is currently deployed in the following verticals across South Africa: Butchery, Pharmacy & Grocery with projects launching in Hardware and Liquor.


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Experience our product in action. Request a demo and see how it can transform your business.